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The company was founded in SYNCRO 1993, with the aim to produce and distribute technologically innovative, high quality, uniquely designed products.

The company specializes in the supply of integrated systems and materials building completion, and we specialise in producing interior doors, certificated armored doors (anti-theft, permeable to air, wind load resistant, soundproofed, thermal insulated, fire-resistant) and special constructions (interior doors for people with disabilities, warehouse doors, roof windows, insect screens).

The company applied for the first time the industrial design before 20 years ago and continued to apply it since, creating new ideas in designing highly aesthetic and innovative products.

The SYNCRO attaches particular importance to the production of high quality products, by taking frequent and rigorous checks through all stages of production of interior, armored doors and insect protection systems (sieves). Checks shall be carried out within the company, on our own factory premises located on Kavalari Thessaloniki.

Collaborating with successful industrial designers is an integral part of our R&D, as well as working with architects, interior designers and production engineers. Thereby the company ensures the harmonisation of aesthetic proportion of products with their operating part.

Here at SYNCRO, the SYNCRO works with absolute respect for the environment, thus utilizing strict criteria, environmental friendly materials and applying procedures set by European and international organizations.

Continuous research and development, intensive staff training, patience and perseverance in order to provide a completely robust and elegant product, is our commitment.

At SYNCRO, about the company, is a unique project because the company is able to produce the products tailored to your needs.