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Special steel fire doors, with quality in detail and according to the latest European directives for fire resistant doors.

Each construction is accompanied with guarantee of excellent quality and high resistance, but also with respect to the reason of its existence, giving special attention both in the way of construction and fitting.

Designed with care and sense of duty for the value of human life and the protection of property are an ideal solution for the most demanding conditions.


Steel warehouse doors, external aluminium doors, covering each operational need, with absolute space ergonomics and high resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

With respect and sense of duty, the warehouse doors are ideal solutions for warehouses, boiler rooms, industrial areas, private or business premises but also any interior or exterior space utility, designed to offer maximum convenience but also quality construction.


Modern and functional solutions for every type of roof and ceiling allow the pleasure and benefits of natural light, guarantee excellent sealing and high strength, while ensuring proper insulation in every climatic condition.

The wide range of roof Windows and roof of the SYNCRO for every type of environment are available in various materials, with different mechanisms of operation, different dimensions and thicknesses, ensuring ease of use and maximum safety.

Each product is certified and is in full compliance with the legislation, ensuring top quality and highly durable materials.