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Combining a particular method of construction with the abstract line of modern architecture, SYNCRO presents the first new, advanced series of internal doors BLUE WHITE. The minimalist appearance, hides a complex structure and requires complete and original technique.

The number of internal doors BLUE WHITE, It is for SYNCRO, an advanced route between technology, expertise and research on colors and wood. A project based on the principle of the company for continued growth through experimentation on new materials and techniques.

The result reflects the goodwill of handmade and authentic product, paying special personality to your space. Manufactured to precise dimensions, always in line with the opening of measurement and per one centimeter in width, height and thickness of the wall. There is a standard work, but unique (every time), advanced manufacturing, the measures submitted by the customer.

The minimalist design of interior doors BLUE WHITE, The original technique to manufacture, but the detail in the design of each model are unique work, and competitive advantage of the company.

The company's goal, once again, It is to highlight and timeless renew your place through the special construction of each customizable model in any desired size and style. Each dimension and measure, available in a wide variety of exciting colors and designs, covering every need of style and functionality.

The construction of BLUE WHITE innovative and performed with great attention to detail. Available in a wide range of lacquer colors and wood selection, meeting the needs of the most demanding customer. Veneers of whom made the, selected with strict quality standards and exceeds the required specifications.