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Certified with UNI standards 9569 and ENV 1627, all thwrakismenes portes of SYNCRO ensure and guarantee effective resistance against burglary and breaking and high protection to any attempted violation.

Available in various models with different closure systems to satisfy every requirement, all thwrakismenes portes ensure excellent workmanship under strict criteria and high durability, While the functionality and aesthetics are combined properly in order to respond comprehensively to the different needs and varying selection criteria of our customers.

The portes thwrakismenes (Basalt, Andesite, Dacite, Rhyolite, Fire Protection, Kimberlite, Diabasis and Aplitis) are an ideal solution and most demanding conditions against any form of violation of your space.


• Construction with double leaf steel ilektrogalbanismenoy reinforced inside between two leaves with manganese.
• Acoustic and thermal insulation of refractory material around the inside of the volume of the door.
• Sheet with two durable adjustable hinges (or optionally with three adjustable hinges) and five fixed bolts.
• Protection of the lock Plate.
• Foreign investment is Plates snap colour brown (optional stainless steel or paints RAL).
• Soft rubber casing in special reception of sheet metal inside, to restrain and protect from dust, the sound and the air.
• Handles exterior and Interior in various types and colours.
• Limiting aperture.
• Mobile windshield for the containment of air between door and floor.
• Peephole panoramic.


Frame and sheet steel prokasa, bent on raoyliera, thickness 2mm, painted with polyester paint in dark brown color for exterior use (Optionally all RAL paints), regoylatoroi for depth height adjustment. In addition to the standard frames- prokases, other versions are available in order to meet the different architectural and building needs relating to new construction, renovations and restorations.


Wide range of investment covers the aesthetic side and client needs, from wood or aluminium, Classic, modern, pantografikes, laminated. Special bespoke investment in wood with veneer or solid in varying shades. Financial solutions laminate, in numerous shades.


• Arched doors, single & dual with lack of.
• With a skylight or with glass block narrow or arched.
• Opening in sheet glass, various designs and dimensions.
• With electric opening controlled remotely.
• Opening from the outside inwards or vice versa.
• Entrance doors with fixed blind or with glass.



The locking system, which is done with a small key, provides simultaneous operation of a single PIN that locks in basis, three in the Centre and one at the top of the door, and a system of granazotwn mechanisms, which provides a smooth operation and minimizes pressure on key.

An important safety feature for the whole range of European profile cylinder is the extra protection provided by a special cover (defender) by stiffener steel – this is simply placed onto the door frame and provides extra protection against attempted violation in locking system.

The second lock, which is also a European profile cylinder, check the extra inactive security in downtown pyro door. Also, block Central lock with the result that enables the homeowner to control access, for example, Service staff. In case of loss of keys, you are provided with cylinders to replace – only the cylinder requires replacement and this is not a complicated process.

An additional feature is the locking mechanism – beyond the enyparchoysa resistance at the entrance due to zorismatos, the engine block and can not be removed in case anyone tried to remove the violence.